VRAYforC4D Interior Training

Training duration 12 November – 15 December 2012
Last day to get 35% discount 5 November 2012

Would you like to learn the process of creating PHOTO-Realistic 3D Renderings?

Come and learn with us our unique method for creating 3D Rendering that look like REAL Photos! Our easy step-by-step techniques meant to lead YOU all the way to the creation of outstanding interiors with VRAYforC4D. If you have previous knowledge in 3D/Arch. visualization, but you want to improve your skills and learn the right “tools” by increasing speed and quality of your work – this course will lift you up to the professional level.

If you use your own working methods, but you want to improve them – this course will give you the opportunity to review the basic guidelines of VRay lighting and efficient working pipeline. You can study the complete idea about our studio working methods and implement them in your daily work.

If you’re an architect or designer who wants to visualize your own projects or to improve your knowledge in 3D this course is the fastest way to do it. If you want to avoid mistakes, doubts, wrong actions – if you need professional who helps you and interested in the results of YOUR work – this training is for you.

Purpose if this course is to give you the complete set of knowledge and provide you with working materials for fast and successful interior visualization.

You can learn both: theory and practice. I will give you FULL scenario for any kind of work.

How it works?

All communication made over the Internet in our closed forum, where you can upload your questions / “work in progress” images and we will guide you to the desirable result – each day we answer your questions – we are there to supply you with feedback within 24 hours.

Over the past 3 years we have educated over 500 Architects and interior designers – Their practice has shown that such training is possible and extremely effective – see our student works here. We have been very inspired by our students successes. Their works have occupied the worthy place and received awards of top 3D Internet galleries.front page evermotion

Since 2009 we have tested and improved our training materials and communication platforms, and now you get the chance to enjoy the most resent version of properly made and given-out material, that stimulate training process and do not allow it to be boring.

Our 1 month of support has been constructed in the form of dialogue. Any participant could ask a question and receive a straightforward irrefragable answer, applicable to its situation. Answers were accessible daily in English.

As a matter of fact it can be also considered as individual training. Everyone will receive as much information as necessary to continue their work on a daily basis. Each participant, depending on preparation and desire to work, can adjust several photorealistic scenes and execute renders with different day time situations such as – Day, Sunset, Night – and practice different designs, such as classic, modern, art-deco, minimalism..etc.

We spent 1 month (4 weeks) in dense work with students. We pass all stages step-by-step, and we tell you exactly what to do on each step.

– We will show YOU how the successful visualizator should think and operate.
– We will examine real interior examples  of different complexity and styles.
– We will exchanged the experience.

The Content of the course – click “save as” to download PDF file

Not only theory – This is 100% practical Training. Check out the WORKSHOP INFO:

If you still do not have your own projects but you want to practice during this training, you can take advantage of our unique compilation.Take any scene and bring it to the desirable result, by using our feedback. Use your fantasy. You can refine or make these scenes according to your taste. I’m here to help you with the design and answer all questions regarding visualization, while you implement my feedbacks and create the outstanding scene that can be a part of your new portfolio.

Workshop №1
dummy scenesScenes for the fast lighting tests –  Afternoon light, mixed, night, refinement of materials and textures.The list goes on… We supply you with 10 dummy scenes. You need only insert the furniture, apply textures and setup the lighting.

Workshop №2
The program designed to go trough all the aspects of classical interior modeling – from nothing to visualizationof the interior. You can create your own scene according to our architectural drawings. 20 sketches – DWG Files: All this scenes can and should be used in you portfolio to show your abilities to your clients.

Take full advantage of our unique additional data. These materials can speed up YOUR development on the firststages of YOUR business. Now specifically for participants of the training I give it absolutely free. As I said, it is important for me that you have received excellent results as soon as possible. Now you have to make sure it happened!

Bonus #1
1 Month Criticism on your works. You can receive an instant feedback on your final image. Criticism of design and visualization with the concretion on visual examples – what to do. I will tell you how to make it in the fastest and the easiest way. In the next 2 month you can upload results of your work to our private forum, and I’ll give comments on them.

More works → more comments → more practice = YOU GET BETTER!

Bonus #2
Analysed examples of interiors from other participants of this training. It’s about 100 images. One of the best ways to learn – is by observing other students WIP’s and my feedback for improving them.

Bonus #3
Possibility to fill a portfolio with modified scenes from our training. When you graduate, you will have all possibilities for better successful working opportunities.

Bonus #4

All students can have this models absolutely free.

Bonus #5

VRayforc4d interior trainingVRayforc4d interior training

Rolf Benz Vida Scene with complete rendering and lighting Settings.

Bonus #6
nuba c4d
Nuba Cor scene – with complete lighting and rendering settings

Bonus #7
VRAYforC4D interior Training
Wood House – living room with day, night and mixed lighting setup (with all the models and textures)
This scene made to provide you with example for proper scene setup. You can simply take the models and paste them into your work. If you want you can train on these scenes as well. You can also simply remove design and insert your own.

Bonus #8
My personal library of Textures + Free VRAYforC4D Online materials.

Bonus #9


[img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_beam_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_ceiling_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_ceiling_decor.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_classic_columns.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_doors_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_fence_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_floor_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_full_walls.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_handles_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_molding_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_net_decor.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_panels.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_pilaster.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_profiles.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_radiators_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_stairs_all.jpg"][img title="" alt="" src="http://vrayforc4d-training.com/wp-content/flagallery/arch_models/thumbs/thumbs_walls_decor.jpg"]

Special bonus, you will receive over 250 Arch. Models:Cornices, Floor, Ceilings, Frames, Ceiling decor, Classic windows with plat-bands, Various stucco decoration, Panels, Brackets, Various profiles for cornices-made according to the French book on the classical interiors, Classic doors and stained-glass windows, Various columns and pilasters…and much more! – Everything YOU need to create classic interiors.

All this info and bonus models for you. Include training materials. The most fully and effective visualization system today.

Tuition (Price) and Format
Online training will start on 12 November – 15 December.

Bonus #10 -35%OFF!
$1250 35 % Discount Early registration till 5 November – $799
This training LIMITED to 20 USERS – Make sure you get in Today!

OR with paypal.

Invest in YOURSELF – Invest in your FUTURE.

How to Register?
Please fill up the registration form registration form vrayforc4d
Attached 3 latest works of your most resent level – Only ADVANCED USERS can be accepted to this training!
Send your works with registration form to vrayart.support@gmail.com

After approval you can come back to this page and pay the training tuition.

Thank you for time reading this! Good luck with all you projects and visualizations.
VRayART Team